Emergency Oil Spill Response

In the event of a large oil or fuel spill, a fast response and effective spill control are needed to prevent pollution or keep transport networks open and moving if the spill has occurred on a major road.

Here at Need a Tanker, we can provide swift and reliable emergency oil spill response right across the UK, thanks to our comprehensive network of modern tankers equipped with the latest tools needed to deal with such emergency cleaning jobs.


Oil Spill Clean-up

It goes without saying that any spilled oil on any road can be a major hazard to traffic, while oil can also represent a significant danger to the local environment and wildlife if allowed to enter soil or watercourses. In these circumstances, being able to tackle the situation and put an immediate oil spill clean-up operation into action is essential.


Why Choose Need a Tanker?

With extensive experience providing emergency oil spill response, including for major clients such as National Highways, Need a Tanker can offer rapid nationwide coverage to provide the necessary road spillage clear-up and ensure any contaminants and pollutants are dealt with at the earliest opportunity.

Contact the emergency spill clear-up experts at Need a Tanker to find out more about our services or to arrange a rapid response to your emergency situation.