Sewer Pumps

Used to transport liquid waste and solids, sewer pumps are essential for removing water buildup that could otherwise lead to an unpleasant overflow, mold and mildew, and even worse, fires.

Heavy rains, dampness from stagnant water or water finding its way into electricals can cause short-circuits which can lead to fires, but with the use of sewer pumps, surplus water can be removed to prevent this.

No matter what size of the job we’re looking at, there are several types of sewer pumps such as effluent pumps, solid handling pumps and grinder pumps that are individually designed to tackle different jobs.

So if you require sewage pumps to help clear up the overflow, contact Need A Tanker. We organise and deliver fast-response emergency services as well as ad-hoc and periodic services, whichever best suits you.

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