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The Importance of Drain Cleaning

Without wanting to get too deep into all the specifics, an awful lot of stuff – some of it quite unpleasant – goes down our drains.

Think about it for a moment: from what’s flushed down the toilet and what’s washed down the shower, to what’s emptied into the kitchen sink and what’s swept from our roofs by the rain into outside drains. Rarely is it all just water or things that rapidly degrade, and the end result can often be a blockage of some kind somewhere deep within the drains.

It’s bad enough at home, but when you think about the drains at a commercial company, it’s almost certainly going to be worse. Partly that’s because whatever is going down the drains is likely to be doing so in larger quantities and partly because those responsible for doing it are likely to be taking less care about it than they would at home. It’s human nature – whoever is doing it has probably got plenty of other things they need to be getting on with, they probably won’t be held responsible and it won’t be them who has to pay to get it unblocked should the worst happen.

In many commercial companies, steps are likely to be put in place to prevent some of the really bad things from going down into the drains, whether that’s an oil interceptor at a garage to a grease trap at a commercial kitchen (and if this is the case at your business, we can empty and service both). Nevertheless, there’s plenty of scope for blockages pretty much anywhere – leaving your drains to look after themselves without staying on top of potential problems is just asking for trouble.

Water flowing down an unblocked drain


The early signs of a blocked drain

The best time to deal with a drain issue is as soon as you notice it. What helps here is that there’s no mistaking a developing problem in the drains – water goes down slower and you’ll also start to notice an unmistakable smell. At this point, it’s not going to improve without some kind of intervention.

If you have the time and the right tools to hand, there are a few things you can try to clear the issue yourself, from using a plunger to pouring a chemical drain cleaner – although you need to be careful with the latter as it may contain strong chemicals that could have an adverse effect on the sewer system or local environment.

If you are unable to sort the problem by yourself, you may end up needing to get in experts on an emergency callout and that can prove expensive. 


The benefits of regular maintenance and cleaning

If your business is one that’s discharging stuff into the drains that is likely to lead to a blockage, it’s far better to stay on top of the issue by getting experienced professionals to carry out regular cleaning. There are a number of reasons this will be a good idea:

  • It’s cheaper in the long run than emergency callouts
  • It creates a healthier environment for your staff and local plants and wildlife
  • It helps keep your pipes and drains healthy
  • You’ll end up having to deal with fewer blockages
  • You’ll also have to put up with fewer unpleasant smells


Drain cleaning and clearing from Need a Tanker

Stay on top of your drains with regular maintenance and cleaning from Need a Tanker. We’ve been in the liquid waste and drainage business for over 40 years and use the very latest equipment and technology in the industry. 

Operating right across the country, we can schedule regular visits by our fully-trained and qualified experts as often as you need them, so that your drains can stay clear and fit for purpose.

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